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Hello there!
My name is Slamy and I'm a professional software engineer in the automotive industry and a former student of the at the university of applied science of dortmund in germany. I'm very enthusiastic in building electronic devices and programming some funny stuff as a hobby. At this very moment (as of december 2012) I'm doing this for several ... maybe 7 ... years. A few friends of mine told me that it would make sense to publish some of these works. It would be sad if they never see the light of day.

So... wait for the content, I've prepared for you.
And please don't be annoyed by my somewhat bad english. I really would like to do this in german. But I want to reach more people than only here.

I've also got a Youtube account to upload videos about my music and my stuff. So be sure to check that one too If you like this blog or homemade turrican music.

The logo is designed by me using GIMP and Inkscape. If you want to use it ask for permission first.
Any content linked from this site can't be controlled by me. If the link changes it isn't my fault.
The content of this blog is written by me and must not be copied to another place without asking for permission.

If you wonder about why my logo is a snail and where my name comes from, there is an actual story behind that. At an early age I was fascinated by snails. Although most people would point down their obligatory low speed i would say it differently. There are not rushing anything.... There are not harming anybody....
Snails are extremly peaceful. I always liked that. At that very young age my english was quite bad and for a LAN party I had at that time I needed a nickname. Stupid as I was I thought the english word for snail was "slame".
This was obviously wrong but I didn't knew that so Slamy was born. Later in middle school class I drew comics with snail characters. The art style was very similar to the one I used to design my logo.

If you feel that something I wrote, programmed or made helped you out you can leave a tip if you like:

Don't be confused by the mail address. palmchen1000 is correct.

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