Tuesday, June 18, 2013

RR Prommer V1.0 EPROM Burner User Manual

For building the Z80 Minisystem I needed a cheap EPROM burner. I searched and found one. It was the "RR Prommer V1.0". This was back in 2008 or 2009. For the Vectrex Cartridge I will need it again as I wanted to have a simple design at first as I'm not possessing much knowlege about the internals of the Vectrex and the 6809 cpu.

But what is this? I can't find the manual. Just look at the programmer.

The type of EPROM you want to use has to be set using 5 jumpers. But without a manual it's rather difficult to know which settings is the right one.
So I googled a little bit and guess what. The Manual just has disappeared. The Internet actually has forgotten something. (At least I'm unable to find It with 20 minutes of searching >_<)

Luckily I digged It up again from a harddrive of my last pc so I have it again. As other people als might have this problem I like to share it for download here.

Also If you are unable to find the software this guy here has developed a linux program to use it. zprommer.
It works as the "RR Prommer" is actually a clone from an old Batronix EPROM burner. I don't know anymore how I got this one. But It works great using the EPROMs 27C256. I can't say more now and I hope It works also with 27C2001. If not I'm pretty screwed :-D

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