Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Super Turrican MSU v0.3 now with NTSC support

Some people asked for the US NTSC version of Super Turrican MSU...

You people are crazy!
The game was made in germany. It has to be played in 50 Hz! D:
Factor 5 did a bad job on having both versions consistent in manner of speed. It almost feels like the only difference between them is that the US version has the SEIKA logo.
This is why i conclude here that the US version is a little bit more difficult but also more fast paced if you like that. On my TV set the 60 Hz video signal is more crisp but this is not the version i've grown up with...
I'll stick to PAL.

Anyway, you asked for it:

Download Super Turrican MSU v0.3

I will remove v0.2 in a few days or weeks from Dropbox as it won't be needed anymore. Version 0.3 contains the PAL version as well so don't bother loading the old one.

I only play tested the NTSC port once. I had to rewrite some of the code to get it right. The program code of Super Turrican is compressed on the cart. But hacking compressed code in an algorithm i don't know is tedious. I had to work around this time making the NTSC version behave different.
Especially the title screen is buggy as the cursor won't show up by itself. But apart from that the US version is fully playable and hasn't shown signs of failure during my playthrough.....

Please keep in mind that even the original version of Super Turrican can crash on 1chip SNES models and i'm not able to debug that. The SPC is prone to hang himself in this game.

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology:
The music in this game is an altered version of the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology made by Chris Hülsbeck. If you like the Soundtrack you can buy it from his bandcamp site in lossless FLAC and MP3. There are 4 albums to get, containing not only the arranged Soundtrack for Super Turrican but also for the other games as well. If you are confused by the sheer amounts of music Chris has made there is also website especially for the Turrican Soundtrack albums.


  1. Very good Job Slamy i love Turrican on Amiga 500 possible having version similar music version music amiga CD if possible ?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply.
      Actually Chris asked me the same thing yesterday in Bochum. Especially for the CD32. Still the whole concept is very much different and i don't know if i can pull it off. Early cd based systems like the CD32, the Sega Mega CD and the Philips CDi had a kinda bad design choice of not having loopable audio tracks. Mega Man X4 to X6 had a workaround as the music was especially designed for being paused a second to loop it again. But i don't know if the TSA can be altered that way and still sound good. I have to think about that.

      The next game in the queue is Super Turrican 2 anyway with which i have major issues of actually implementing the hack. The game is very different at it's core. I kinda sorta rage quitted 3 weeks before but i will continue that one.

  2. Yes i have Kickstart Chris for the project Turrican soundtrack my name is on Booklet ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry i've read your comment that late. I hope you could fix this issue yourself. :3

  4. Hello! I just realized your MSU-1 package is outdated, it doesn't run properly on newer versions of higan and it's also very confusing because of the four IPS patches, people still apply them to FuSoYa headered roms and this leds to various users complaining about the patch not working.

    Also, both higan and SD2SNES currently only requires the "SD2SNES" patch, or #$FF at the volume register $2006.

    To counter this, I've updated all of your assets to the new standard of the MSU-1 hacking scene.

    Instead of 4 IPS patches, it now uses 2 ordinary BPS patches (PAL and NTSC), much better because the delta patching knows the difference.

    Hope you find time to consider updating your package with the aforementioned improvements =)

    Message board for discussion:

    1. Sorry for the late reply. First of all thank you for addressing this issue to me. I wasn't aware of these changes as I'm not an active member on forums as I'm tinkering here and there.

      I will address these issues on future updates.