Sunday, April 16, 2017

Super Turrican MSU 0.4 + Super Turrican Soundfix 0.1 released

As Super Turrican MSU 0.3 kinda lead to confusion for a few people and I've stumbled onto some other stuff I decided to release a new version.

Changes for v0.4:
  • Assumed to fix Soundglitch (Removed 16 bit writes to $2140, further tests needed)
  • Fix swapped music of stages 1-2 and 1-3
  • Replaced IPS by BPS and more cleaned up package
  • Moved volume boosted sd2snes version for revision F and older into subfolder.
    As I no longer possess a revision F sd2snes active support for this revision is kinda sorta dropped as testing is not possible for me any more.
Download Super Turrican MSU 0.4

Also the Super Turrican Soundfix proposal needs further test data.
The patch is now also available for the NTSC version of the game.

Download Super Turrican Soundfix 0.1

Known bugs
During my testing it kinda happened again once. So the sound fix sadly doesn't work. My guess is that this never will be fixed which is quite sad. If enough people provide testimony for this modification to not help at all, I will make a version 0.5 which removes this hack as it might lead to unwanted side effects.

Please keep in mind that I'm growing more and more tired of testing this game with a full playthrough every time I update this. Especially now with 6 different ROM files resulting from both these hacks.
This is why I cannot guarantee proper function.
If this package deals damage to your hardware I'm not responsible for it.
If you encounter any bugs or uncertainty please use this blog to contact me.

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  1. Tried the NTSC version from good sets and no intro neither seems to want to patch with this version any ideas?