Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Everdrive VRC6 Fix Update

The VRC6 Mapper for the Everdrive N8 was updated to support more volumes.
Download the new package here.

As before the name of the RBF file show the volume. 24Mod_75_70.RBF has 75% of maximum volume on High Setting and 70% at Low Setting.
Please keep in mind that the current version of the Everdrive have the Low Setting removed from the Options menu.
So only the first number is relevant now.

To install this mapper overwrite the 024.RBF file inside EDFC/MAPS with the file of choice.

As always I can't guarantee for proper function and the files are given as is.
I've tested a few of those RBF files but if they do damage your hardware it's your fault for modifying the Everdrive's firmware.


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    2. I'm sorry I couldn't react in time. But it seems you've already found a solution for yourself. :-)